2016-17 Rugby
Record: 0-0 Home: 0-0 Away: 0-0
Recruiting Questionnaire
Thank you for your interest in California Maritime  Athletics.   The Keelhauler athletics program is a vibrant part of the student life experience and  can boast up to a 25% student body particpation rate!  Our student athletes are many of the shakers and movers in academics and student life.  Athletes are encouraged to be part of the larger campus community and engage in leadership rolls and community service. 
All of our athletic teams are affiliated with local and /or national governing bodies.  Four of our teams are part of California Pacific Conference which is part of  NAIA Division II.  We are also members of the Collegiate Waterpolo Association, United States Rowing Association, USA Rugby and the Inter-collegiate Sailing Association of North America.
Below is a list of our current intercollegiate sports.  Please check the sport you are interested in playing and hit enter.  You will be directed to the athlete information form which you can fill out and submit online.  Thank you again for your interest in Cal Maritime Athletics and good luck in your college search.
Go Keelhaulers!